6 Night Pinnacles, Rivers and Plains - Group Departures

Africa Group Walking Safaris Adventure

This exclusive safari is an example itinerary and it can be guided as a  Luxury Walking Safari  ,  Classic Walking Safari  ,  AirBnC (Air Bed and Camel)  ,  and it can be adjusted to suit your wishes for distance or nights out.  It also good to note that this safari can also be guided as a private, exclusive trip.

Pinnacles Walking Safari

For 6 Nights we will walk through some of the wildest parts of Kenya arriving at Tumaren on our last day. The Ewaso Nyiro River plunges through a tight gorge below a crossing called Crocodile Jaws. In this area the topography is too steep for vehicles and its complexity has made a wilderness area ideal for camel safaris. Its the kind of wilderness that attracted David Attenborough to narrate the introduction to his epic series, Africa. He came for the unspoilt beauty of the area, an expanse of Acacia over a twisted and folded landscape of cliffs, mountains and granitic Kopjes.

Drinks on Safari

We offer this walk as a private trip as well as a group departure. After being collected in Nanyuki by a Karisia Guide and Driver, your group will be taken to the first camp of your safari. Tale, a sharksfin shaped hill rests before the camp and from its top the Mathews Range and the Ndoto Mountains stand tall on the horizon. The view goes very well with a Gin and Tonic.

Elephant Bull Laikipia

From Tale you will walk farther and farther into the Ewaso Wilderness. On your second night you will be at the Ewaso River and the spectacular Nantodo where David Attenborough came via helicopter to do his narration. On your third night you will be at a second pinnacle called Ngai Suisui, which means 'Winds of God'. Descending again back to the river you will traverse around a section that neither humans or camels can safely navigate. You will then proceed upstream through beautiful riverine habitat scanning often for Wild dogs who use this area extensively when denning.

Tumaren Camp Tent

After two more nights camping in lovely camps along the river you will ascend a steep dry river bed early in the morning to meet your Karisia driver and Landcruiser. You will drive back to Tumaren where you will find a bush breakfast set amongst the plains game, grasslands and Acacias. You will spend the night in lovely Tumaren Camp and your guide will take you on a mix of walks and gamedrives. The wildlife is excellent and on an optional night drive your chances of finding a predator or an interesting nocturnal animal is likely.

The next day the vehicle will return you to Nanyuki for your next adventure.

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